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Tips for A Maximum Weight Loss on the HCG Diet

When you are trying to lose weight and improve your health, it is vital to maximizing your HCG diet. The HCG diet is a bit challenging and, if you follow the protocol, you will be able to lose weight. Maintain your HCG shots at the same time each day to achieve a maximum weight loss result during the program.

Understand the flow of the protocol to avoid pitfalls during the program. The HCG diet uses a combination approach of a low-calorie intake and HCG injections. Stick to the weight loss program to reach your goal on time.

Here are some Tips for A Maximum Weight Loss on the HCG Diet

Tip #1- Adhere to the protocol

You need to know the protocol for losing the most weight during the second phase of the HCG diet. Avoid taking OTC medications and weight loss supplements when you are under the HCG diet. There are also cosmetic products and lotions that you cannot use during Phase 2 of the HCG diet. These products contain oils and other ingredients that can interfere with the HCG. HCG diet also requires sticking to protocol compliance food choices to lose the most weight possible.

Tip #2- Ensure that the HCG diet is medically supervised

There are lots of OTC HCG products for weight loss that will not work for you. Ensure that you are purchasing the proper HCG from trusted providers. Avoid some providers that do not offer diet guides to prevent low-quality products and ingredients.

Tip #3- Avoid cheating on your diet

One of the hardest things to overcome during the HCG diet is cheating. It causes lots of issues with the HCG diet. During the HCG diet program, you need to control your willpower to guarantee that you can lose weight. There are several ways you can do to avoid cheating on the fat-burning phase of the HCG diet. Avoid dining in restaurants and eating high-calorie foods. Opt to cook your meals at home to control the ingredients you add to your recipe.

Tip #4- Administer your HCG shots

Start administering the HCG shots in the first three days and all the days during the VLCD. Avoid missing a dose of your injections because it changes your body’s response to the hormone. To continue losing weight, administer your dosage at the same time each day and keep a record of your daily shots.

Tip #5- Reduce your stress

Did you know that stress can trigger weight gain even you are not eating foods? A high-stress level changes the hormone in your body and leads to fat deposition. It also stimulates your appetite to resort and get comfort on unhealthy foods. To lose maximum weight loss, keep your stress level low. Take some time to meditate, get enough time for sleep, and relax. It helps in reducing stress hormones and boosting your brain focus.

These tips are simple and, you can incorporate them well on the HCG diet. Give you effort and commitment to finishing the protocol on time. Inform your medical provider if your weight loss slows down.