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Why does the HCG Diet Succeed than Other Weight Loss Program?


The VLCD of the HCG diet

This phase is about losing weight, burning fats and suppressing your appetite. You will be introducing new food choices and ditching off the usual foods that cause you to gain weight. VLCD is the time that the HCG is fully in control with your metabolism, appetite, fat burning. The VLCD is done along with a regular shot of HCG. It is responsible for curbing your hunger during the low-calorie intake. The allowed calorie intake during this phase is from 500 to 800 calories per day only.

The P2 of the HCG diet is commonly known as the VLCD. This stands for a very low-calorie diet. It means that you will be cutting your intake of calories after your 2 consecutive days of loading. This stage can be the most challenging phase if you have not to load properly during the P1. That is why you have to fully assess your loading days if it is preparing your body for the VLCD. Do not proceed to P2 of you did not accomplish the requirements or the loading days.

The VLCD is also the time that your body s adjusting to the new eating style. This is also the time that the work of the HCG happens. Day 1 of the VLCD is challenging as you start to cut down your food intake as the fat burning happens.  You may experience headaches and hunger pains during the first day and may also experience it for the entire week. This is because your body is continuously adjusting. Headache and hunger pain is also caused by psychological hunger.

What is psychological hunger?

Psychological hunger is not caused by actual or physical hunger pain. This is just caused by a strong desire to eat because of an emotional reason. Psychological hunger often comes during day 1 of VLCD or even the entire week because your body is still getting used to the new food choices. To deal with psychological hunger during the VLCD, you have to find ways to get busy. Why, because you are not allowed to eat foods when you are just having psychological hunger.

The danger of eating foods during psychological hunger

Eating foods when you are not physically hungry will cause weight gain. It can also sabotage the fat-burning activity in your body. Psychological hunger leads you to eat foods out of your cravings and emotion. This is unhealthy during the HCG diet as it causes you to eat too many calories than what is allowed during the VLCD.

Sample of the VLCD meal plan for the first day of P2


Unsweetened coffee or tea


100 grams of lean beef meat as a protein choice

1 serving of broccoli as a vegetable choice

1 apple for fruits choice

1 Melba toast


You can have the same food choices as what you have during lunch or you can have the following:

100 grams of chicken breast soup

1 serving of lettuce or other vegetables

A handful of strawberry

Things you must not do in starting the VLCD of the HCG diet

  • Do not eat foods that are not in the food list

The HCG diet food list is your guide to your loading. This means that the foods that are not on the list are not allowed for the entire HCG diet. These foods that are in the food list are carefully chosen for faster weight loss. It will also help you in a successful transition to healthy eating and lifestyle.

  • Do not skip your meal

Skipping your meal is not allowed during the VLCD or even for the rest of the phases of the HCG diet. You will not lose weight if you skip your meal, it will just make you even hungrier. Too much hunger will lead you to eat too much on the next meal which may be a cause of loading too many calories. Instead of skipping your meal you just have to maintain proper food portioning. This will help you reach the daily nutrient requirements for weight loss.

  • Avoid or stop heavy exercises

Heavy physical activities may not be allowed during the VLCD. It also destroys the leanness of your muscles and leads to extreme tiredness. The truth is exercise is not needed to lose weight during the HCG diet. It is because the diet hormone will do its work in burning your body fats. Choose the light exercise if you want to accompany it during the VLCD. Light exercises are helpful in maintaining your cardiovascular health.

  • Do not cheat on your meal

The foods that are appealing are the ones that lead you to cheat. That is why during the VLCD you have to distance yourself from unhealthy food choices. Prepare your meals at home and cook your meal to avoid appealing foods. The effect of cheating is not just weight gain but it can also sabotage the work of HCG in your body. Stay hydrated so to help curb hunger and avoid food cheating.

Is VLCD allowed during menstruation?

Menstruation can normally cause weight gain because of water retention. You do not have to worry when you gain weight during menstruation because it will just be gone soon. Is VLCD allowed? Yes, it is to be continued even if you have menstruation. The thing that you need to stop for the meantime is your HCG shot but you have to continue your diet. It is because there are cases that the diet hormone can cause issues during menstruation and may affect your weight loss.

You can eat at least 800 calories during this time. Wait until your menstruation ends before you have your HCG shot. This is for you to avoid all the effect of PMS such as binge eating, high-stress level or emotionally unstable. PMS may cause unusual cravings that have a bigger possibility to affect your weight loss. If you have menstruation during the Day 1 of VLCD, you better take a break from your HCG shot but continue with your diet.