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Why does the HCG Diet Succeed than Other Weight Loss Program?


If you are following the HCG diet and you see some changes in the body. Changes occur especially during your menstrual period. There are some uncontrolled cravings that may come. Or, you are struggling between staying on track and giving in to cravings. This is honestly a miserable situation on the diet. This article is made to aide those dieters who fin hard in making through the diet. I hope his article can help some women who dreamed to reach their desired body shape. Menstruation is not easy to deal with. You struggle a lot, especially on a diet. However, there are tips you can do to endure the diet on a menstrual period.

The ways you can do are:

  • Manage the water retention- Menstruation triggers the body to retain water. Do not worry because this is just temporary. It will just fade off after the menstruation. The body will just return to normal and the weight loss will continue. You can increase water intake. It may sound contradicting but it is the best thing you can do. The water will help push out toxins and help the body hold less water.
  • Manage the cravings- The toughest part of menstruation is craving. This is very disturbing, especially on a diet. You will have increased metabolism in a week before the period. This may cause you to feel a lot more cravings. Choose healthy food options and satisfy yourself during mealtime. Make sure to load on proper calorie control. Have veggies or fruits in the dining that you can grab easily. Grab the snacks if you cannot control the cravings. Remember to have the exact portion of the meal. Cravings will only last for a few minutes. You can just deal with it by drinking water.
  • Stay on track- This is hard but it is important. Following all the tips and guide on the HCG diet is the best thing you can do. Follow the rules of each phase. Do not cheat to avoid slipping off. If you have menstruation pain, try to drink lukewarm water to ease the pain. Stay energetic and grab some extra rest.
  • Handle stress- Sometimes you have to let go and walk on the calm side of the world. You can handle stress by taking a nap. Drink tea or coffee and relax your mind. Ladies are prone to mood swings during menstruation. This is why it is important to pay attention to. Do not entertain emotional attitudes that cause stress.

There is a high risk of injury during a period. Have some nutrition techniques to get ease.  Pay attention to how your body moves. Practice the proper posture so that the body can repair itself. It will also allow the proper flow of the blood in the body.