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Why does the HCG Diet Succeed than Other Weight Loss Program?


Healthy meals do not only help in losing weight but also in maintaining a healthy body. You need healthy meals every day especially during the second phase of the HCG diet. Healthy meals contain low calories, zero fats, and other dangerous ingredients. The more unhealthy ingredients are added to your food the more you are a risk to diseases.

The food choices during the VLCD are healthy and helpful in weight loss. You can also find ways to make your meal enjoyable and healthy. Take note that the VLCD is not about depriving you of enjoying foods. It is all about guiding you to develop eating discipline. The foods that you will be eating during the second phase of the HCG diet help the hormone in dealing with your body fats.

How to make your VLCD meals healthy?

  • Do it yourself

The foods that you order from restaurants and food chains are not guaranteed as healthy. You have no idea about the number of additives and other artificial flavorings that are added to it. However, if you will do your meals by yourself you will be able to get assurance that it is healthy. Preparing your foods gives you the assurance that it is clean and it is allowed on the HCG diet. When you do cooking at home you can ensure the freshness and healthiness of your meals.

  • Learn how to balance

Not because you have the list of healthy food such as veggies and fruits does not mean you consume them all at once. You must balance your meals up or adjust the possible portions that you will need during the HCG diet. Make sure to have a portion of vegetables, fruits, and lean meat in each VLCD meal. A balanced meal supplies enough nutrients and vitamins in your body while you are losing weight.

  • Practice different cooking methods

Instead of doing your typical way of preparing foods you can do other methods. Instead of deep-fried foods you can boil, grill, or steam your foods. Learn to prepare oil-free foods because the HCG cannot work properly with oily foods. You can also bake or roast foods but make sure you are following healthy methods.

  • Try new recipe

Do not stay on having the same meal every day. On Phase 2 of the HCG diet, you can create recipes that follow the 500 calorie limitations. Avoid having lettuce and apples every day. You can be creative by planning a healthy menu that you can enjoy every mealtime. Avoid getting bored with having the same meal because it might lead you to cheat on your diet.

How to have healthy meals to cook every day during the VLCD?

To have a healthy meal to cook you must clear your food storage from processed foods. Avoid loading your fridge with unhealthy creamers, dressings, flour, sugar, and fatty foods. Fill your food storage with organic products such as freshly picked vegetables and fruits. You also need to weigh your food regularly before cooking. It will help you achieve proper food portions and calories.