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Why does the HCG Diet Succeed than Other Weight Loss Program?


HCG diet is challenging in the midst of phase 2 and 3. HCG diet is the fastest weight loss benefit. To reach the weight loss goal, it is best to prepare and study each phase of the diet. Have a proper caution so that you will not be able to get back on the old eating habits. This will also help you avoid the instant Proper planning that can help in the consequences of failures. Proper planning can help in reaching the success of the entire phases of the diet. Be careful in the part where you will gradually increase the intake of calories. This is the part when you step into phase 3. If you increase the intake of food rapidly, you can gain weight fast.

Be careful not to have sugar or carbs back in the body. These are some of the things that you must stop doing while on the HCG Injections. Weight loss is useless if you continue with the intake of sugar and carbs. Do add back calories very fats because it will not be good for the body. This is because the body is still adjusting from the very low-calorie diet. The sudden intake of too many calories and carbs can ruin the entire weight loss process.

Carefully monitor the weight. This is a constant thing that you must not neglect in any part of the diet. Weight loss monitoring must be controlled and observed. This will help you get the ability to be consistent in weight loss maintenance. The possible weight gain in this phase is only caused by doing something that is not in the protocol.

You need to have a plateau breaker as soon as you see any weight gain. The famous plateau breaker on the HCG diet is the apple or steak day. This must be done carefully knowing that apples have natural sugar content. Steaks also have fats that you may accidentally include in cooking. An apple a day only allows a maximum of 6 apples a day. Steak day allows one large piece of steak at the end of the day or once a day.

Having enough rest is also needed. This can avoid the possible weight gain that is caused by tiredness. It is important for the body during its adjustment from VLCD. Lack of sleep can make your transitioning be difficult. Enough rest can keep off stress and the effect of it out of the body. It can help in proper metabolism and distribution of nutrients for in the entire body.