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Why does the HCG Diet Succeed than Other Weight Loss Program?

Weight Loss Traps To Avoid While On HCG Diet

When you want to drop some pounds, your typical idea is to skip meals to reduce your calorie intake. It is a common weight loss trap that you should avoid during the HCG diet. Establish healthy eating habits when you are in the second phase to prevent excessive hunger leads to binging later on.

Most of the weight-loss traps that can ruin your progress are due to incorrect appetite control. Avoid prolonging your hunger because you will have a hard time making better choices when you are starving. A lengthy period of holding your appetite can reduce your metabolic rate and affects your blood sugar levels.

What Are The Weight Loss Traps To Avoid On HCG Diet?

  1. Extreme diet regimen. These are the fad diets that will compromise your health. It involves dramatic fat loss and drastic effects. Avoid diets that involve fasting and deprivation. On the HCG Diet, you can eat 500 calories per day in combination with the hormone. Avoid cutting your calories when you stop taking your HCG shots.
  2. Strenuous exercise and VLCD. Avoid hitting the gym during the HCG diet, as it causes fatigue. Weightlifting, body-building, and lengthy exercise period are strenuous activities that affect your body. Avoid cutting down your calories when you are not taking the HCG as it causes health issues.
  3. Weight loss supplements. Avoid taking weight loss boosters and pills when you are using the HCG. They have active ingredients that interfere with the effects of HCG in the body. Weight loss pills are harmful and may trigger other health issues in the body.

What To Do Instead?

  • Set your weight loss goal. Ensure that it is realistic and reachable to avoid failed expectations. Maintain healthy and sustainable habits that include dietary choices to manage your weight loss.
  • Visit your doctor. It is essential to talk to your physician regularly to gain information and guidelines on VLCD during the HCG diet. Visit your physician to keep your health on track as you lose a rapid amount of fats.
  • Stick to healthy food choices. For the 500 calories daily allocation, ensure to get them from healthy food groups. Include fiber, protein, vitamins, and other nutrients in your daily meal for maximum weight loss. It prevents you from falling into fad diets and unhealthy regimens.
  • Make a healthy breakfast. If you are uncomfortable with having coffee and tea only for breakfast, you can prepare a low-calorie meal. Prepare at least 50 grams of lean protein and half of a medium-sized apple to increase your satiety. It will help in suppressing your appetite and prevent you from going to drive-thrus and buffets.
  • Control your food portion. It is essential during the HCG diet to ensure you are constant on your weight loss. Regardless if you are eating healthy foods, you have to maintain proper portioning. It helps in balancing calories and suppressing your appetite in Phase 2.

Here are some points in controlling your food portions:

  • Measure the food portion before cooking.
  • Track your food intake to establish healthy eating habits.
  • Use a smaller dish or plate to avoid overeating.