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Why does the HCG Diet Succeed than Other Weight Loss Program?


Protein is an important part to keep the body healthy. Protein plays a big role in the HCG diet. It has a major aide in the cells that provides amino acids. Protein is needed in the HCG diet and even after it. The VLCD of the HCG diet is hard without the hormones and the protein meal. It keeps the body full and curbs hunger. One of the sources of lean protein is red meat, poultry, and white fish. It is important for everyone to know the importance of protein in the body. Here is the common effect if there is a lack of protein.

Weak body and bones- You will always feel tired and weary. Even you have enough sleep if you lack protein on hcg diet you still feel tired. The protein gives energy in the body. It helps the HCG hormones in sustaining the energy that is needed for the whole day of VLCD. The lack of protein will make the body exhausted and fatigue. It also leads to a lack of support that will be prone to bone injuries.

Without protein, you cannot build muscle mass. It will just destroy the firmness of the muscle because of the lack of protein. It will break down muscle just to get protein from it. This will make the body hold to the fact that results in weight gain and shape change. Having a lack of protein, you will always feel hungry. In the HCG diet, you need to eat high-protein content so that you will stay full at all times. This can avoid having hunger or craving that eventually leads to overeating.

You will also lose healthy hair without the exact amount of protein. It will cause thinning or hair or rapid hair loss. It can also make you feel moody and anxious at all times. It does not just affect one area of your body but as well as the emotions. That is why you have to eat the exact amount of protein needed for the whole day. The protein content on HCG diet must be from white fish and lean meats. See to it that all the visible fats are taken away before you will cook it.

Having a high-protein diet is beneficial. It helps in fat burning and recovery of the muscle. It can also heal injury as fast as it can. Protein also improves brain function as well as metabolism. Keep a food or diet journal and maintain the recording of the foods that you will be eating.