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Why does the HCG Diet Succeed than Other Weight Loss Program?

What Are the Things Do You Need During the HCG Diet?

Weight loss does not stop in the gym or spending time in strenuous activities. Be keen on the food choices and other things during the HCG diet to ensure that your mindset is ready. It prevents you from pitfalls wherever you go.

Aside from healthy foods and HCG injections, provide tools that will improve your weight loss. It will be your support system to bounce back whenever you face pitfalls and food temptations. Weight loss is not just a one-time decision out of peer pressure. You should have a thorough plan to ensure the protocol and avoid gaining back the weight.

The first is to set your weight loss goal. Ensure that it is reachable and realistic. Before starting the HCG diet, talk to your doctor about your current health situation. Inform your physician about your existing diseases and medications before taking the HCG for weight loss. Ensure that you prepare your fat stores by loading enough food during the gorging phase. It will help you get through the VLCD without other issues.

There are other things you need during the HCG diet. It will assist in reaching your goals and making the VLCD bearable. Avoid spending time in the gym because it is not advisable to exercise on the VLCD.

Here are the Things you Need During the HCG Diet:

  • Water. It is essential in maintaining hydration and keeping your satiety. Water plays a role during the HCG diet by increasing the detoxification of food toxins and chemicals. It cleanses your body from unhealthy additives that cause you to gain weight. You can have at least 2 liters of water per day but avoid chugging them all at once. Water is a healthy substitute for soda and other processed drinks.
  • Easy-to-grab snack. Busy people need to bring snacks when taking the HCG injections. It will prevent you from buying in restaurants and other food shops. The typical easy-to-grab snacks during the HCG diet are fresh fruits. It sends satiating effects and prevents you from experiencing cravings during the VLCD. A healthy snack will keep you out of food temptations that can affect your HCG diet.
  • Work out tools. It does not mean that you have to provide a treadmill and other weights. On the HCG diet, you can incorporate 10 minutes of light workouts. You can have dumbells, jumping rope, and a yoga mat. You can also use your cellphone for an online exercise tutorial. Keep your exercise low-intensity to avoid fatigue and muscle loss. Use
  • Food tracker or scale. It is essential to weigh your foods before cooking. Remove the visible fats from meat choices and ensure you are cooking them healthily. Avoid adding oils and unhealthy ingredients to your food. Provide a food scale to ensure proper portion sizes and keep your calorie intake low during the VLCD.

Provide a weighing scale. Track your progress every day to determine your gains and losses during the HCG diet. The results can boost your motivation. Weigh yourself every morning after taking your HCG shots. Record your progress in your diet journal.