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Why does the HCG Diet Succeed than Other Weight Loss Program?

What are the Weight Loss Myths you should Stop Believing while on the HCG Diet?

Weight loss myths are typical statements that have no scientific evidence. It contains misleading things that may affect your weight loss because of false ideas that often lead dieters to pitfalls.

Obesity is a serious matter as it increases your risk of developing chronic diseases. When you believe in weight loss myths, you are making the situation severe. That is why, on the HCG diet, ensure that you are familiar with the protocol.

Talk to your doctor before starting the program to gain information on the dos and limitations of the regimen. It prevents you from falling into ideas that can sabotage your weight loss.

Here are the Myths that you should not believe while on the HCG Diet

  1. You can choose a specific area to burn fats. The HCG targets the fats in all areas of your body. It allows rapid fat burning regardless of your body type, age, and gender. Do not believe everything you see on ads or read on labels that target specific areas to burn fats.
  2. Pain due to exercising is okay. False! The “no-pain-no-gain” statement is not applicable in all things. Pain due to working out leads to discomfort, weakness, and fatigue. Avoid pushing yourself until you feel numbness as it leads to a heart attack. During the HCG diet, you can shed a significant amount of weight even without exercising.
  3. A woman can do weightlifting. Lifting weight helps in burning calories but, they are not permissible on the HCG diet. Gym exercises are not allowable as they lead to fatigue and energy loss during the VLCD. It is not helpful to women as they are not enough to make them bulky without using steroids.
  4. More exercise means more weight loss. Wrong! On the HCG diet, the more you spend energy working out, the more you get tired. Tiredness releases stress hormones that result in natural weight gain. Opt for having a balanced diet and calorie cutdown that pushing you in workout sessions. Ensure that the calories you take are less than what your body burns.
  5. Fat burning is only possible when you sweat. Wrong! The HCG allows you to burn fats even without shedding a sweat. Consider your calorie intake because sweating alone does not result in weight loss. Ensure you are taking your HCG injections to reduce your body fats and suppress your appetite on the VLCD.
  6. Weight loss surgery is the only solution for obesity. Surgeries help in weight loss but, it is not the only solution for obesity. The HCG diet is a safe and natural regimen in dealing with obesity. It has proven for how many years by thousands of successful dieters.

The HCG is not a quick fix to your obesity but, it helps you get through it. Weight loss takes to process and commitment to finish the program. It is because you cannot lose weight in one snap when you do the HCG diet. You have a protocol to follow to increase your progress.