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Why does the HCG Diet Succeed than Other Weight Loss Program?


The more realistic the goal is, the bigger the chance you can reach it. You will be soon a lifelong strategy for a healthy lifestyle. That is the HCG diet. Do not set a goal that you know you cannot reach it. Set your mindset to have the right goal to reach. The HCG diet is a rapid weight loss protocol. It helps in weight loss in any gender. A realistic weight loss goal will maintain the balance in the hcg diet. It will also prevent from getting disappointed with the result. You exercise goal in HCG diet is the same as your hcg weight loss goal. It must be an easy and light exercise to maintain health. The most suggested exercise is 10 to 15 minutes’ walk daily.

Believe in Yourself

To reach the weight loss goal, you have to know your strength. Going beyond limitations is good. However, in a weight loss goal, it is better to do things that you can do. Do not go beyond the goal that you cannot do. You can always stay on track if your goal is aligned with your capabilities. Believe in yourself that you can do the hcg diet no matter what it takes. A realistic goal is a goal that can be reached in a set period of time. Believe that you can do and get through the duration of the hcg injections.

Your goal in each Phase

  • Phase 1- This is the starting point of the diet. Your goal is to load more on fatty foods. This is kind of crazy but this is needed. You cannot proceed to the next part of the diet if you will not do the loading phase. Set a goal to eat more healthy fats. Complete the loading phase by making sure that the fat stores have enough fat stored.
  • Phase 2- This is when the HCG diet is turning into the VLCD. The very low-calorie diet is until 500 calories each day. Your goal in this part is to eat foods exactly 500 calories. Do not end the day by eating less or more than the required calorie. Maintain the proper food portioning in the entire day. Make sure that you have loaded the exact portion of fruits, veggies and protein choices.
  • Phase 3- Your goal in this part is to transition properly from VLCD. You will add more food choices in your meal. However, you are not still allowed to have sugar or carbs.