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Why does the HCG Diet Succeed than Other Weight Loss Program?


HCG weight loss studies have shown that weight loss following the Simeons’ protocol comes directly from adipose fat tissue. This happens through the help of the diet hormone. The weight loss comes directly from fat and does not strip your muscle. The HCG will release excessive amounts of fat-stored nutrients into your bloodstream. The fat burned will be then used as your body’s energy source instead of getting it from your foods.

The HCG is also responsible for maintaining a safe and healthy weight loss. It reaches your fat stores and burns all the stubborn fats of your body. The HCG will also reset your metabolism and suppress your appetite. It helps in curbing hunger during the very low-calorie phase. That’s why it is important to maintain your HCG shots for greater weight loss.

What will you do if you missed an HCG dose?

  • Recall when was your last shot

If you realize that you may have missed an injection do not panic. Missing a single dose is not a big problem. You have to recall your last shot. If you missed today’s shot have it right away as long as it is not yet too late. The HCG will stay active in your system for 3 days. This only means that you are still safe from getting hungry and you can continue your VLCD. Continue to adhere to the diet properly and to see weight loss.

  • Consider whether or not should you take the injection

Decide if you have to take the injection right away or wait until tomorrow. If you are not sure if you have already administered the dose you should wait for tomorrow. This will prevent you from double dosing.

  • Have your HCG shot if it is still early of the day

If you are aware that you still have not taken your HCG shot you can feel free to have it right away. You just have to make sure that it is not yet too late. Take action to make sure that is doesn’t keep happening. Always remember to have your injection right after your daily weigh-ins.

Can you still have your HCG shot in the afternoon?

Wait until tomorrow if it is already mid-afternoon or evening. Have your shot in the next morning to be able to maintain the dose circulating in your system. Although there is nothing dangerous with too much dosage it will not increase weight loss. The dosage of HCG injection is already set for you to have proper dosing.

Will you get hungry when you missed a dose?

Missing a single dose does not make you hungry or trigger occurrences of hunger. However, if you missed a dose frequently it will cause hunger and cravings. Make sure to keep a chart in your room or any means to track your daily shots. You can also set some reminders on your computer and phone to keep reminded of your HCG dose. Be consistent with your HCG shots as much as possible. It will help you reach your desired weight loss on time.