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Why does the HCG Diet Succeed than Other Weight Loss Program?


The HCG diet will guide you to lose weight and correct your bad habits. Weight gain happens when you enjoy your bad habits to the fullest. It is an effect of the unhealthy foods and lifestyle that you have been doing for a long time. You must be aware that everything that you load on cannot spit out. Pay more attention and boost your focus on eating during your HCG diet. Your focus will aid in food portioning and controlling your intake of calories during VLCD.

Phase 3 of the HCG diet

Phase 3 is not about losing weight anymore. This is about stabilizing your weight loss as you introduce more foods on your body. You have to be careful during this phase because you will likely gain weight easily. Be watchful with your intake of the food to avoid sudden weight gain. The usual duration of phase 3 lasts for 21 days. Spend a great deal of time to adjust from real foods. Observe each food choice that you eat and see if it causes weight gain.

The purpose of the P3 of the HCG diet is to let your metabolism reset again. This is because you will be adding more foods. You have to do the P3 to help your body in adjusting to more calorie intake. The stabilization phase is teaching and preparing your body for weight maintenance. You have to be careful with the foods that you are going to introduce back on your diet.

Foods you can add back on the P3 of the HCG diet

  • Seafood– Seafood is a source of excellent protein compared to other meats. It is also loaded with important minerals that include potassium and zinc. It has healthy fats that are loaded with antioxidants and vitamin E.
  • Eggs, cheese, and dairy- Eggs allows your muscle to work well. It can also lower the rate of bone and muscle loss. Eggs are very filling which helps you during the stabilization phase. Cheeses as well are a great source of calcium, protein, and fats. Dairy products will maintain healthy blood pressure. You have to choose unsweetened dairy products to avoid weight gain.
  • Carrots, mushrooms, and sprouts- Carrots can also protect your muscles and cardiovascular health. Carrots are linked to lower the cholesterol levels on your body. Mushroom has health-promoting properties that help bodily functions. Sprouts, as well as help for easier digestion and it, improve blood sugar levels. This helps in lowering the risk of heart diseases.
  • Melon, Kiwi, apricots, and plums– These fruit choices as well as boost your immune system and help you lose even more weight. These fruits can help you deal with cravings. You can also have these fruits as a substitute for your unhealthy snacks.

The common steps to reverse weight gain on P3 of the HCG diet

  • Steak day- This is the first and common solution to bounce back on your diet track. This is usually done if your weight is 2lbs higher than your last weigh-in. You have to eat nothing all day and have a big steak at dinner. You can cook a huge steak with an apple or tomato for your dinner. You can only have water, tea or coffee for your whole day. You have to stay hydrated and track down your weight loss until the next day.  The purpose of your steak day is to balance the calories in your body.
  • An apple a day– You have to eat anything in the morning. Start your apple day during lunch on the first day and end it at night on the next day. Apple a day allows you to have at least 6 apples for the whole day. The apple a day will keep you full as you get back to your diet track. You also have to have enough sleep and proper relaxation to be able to grab back your weight loss.

Helpful tips to end weight gain of P3 of the HCG diet

  • Do something to correct weight gain

Avoid prolonging the effect of food cravings because it may cause weight gain. Lowering your caloric intake will shed more pounds on your body. Quit drinking beverages that contain liquid calories. You cannot detect liquid calories the same way you detect the calories from foods. Do not drink processed beverages because these are loaded with unhealthy chemicals. It may affect not just your weight loss stabilization but also your health. 

  • Have an exercise routine and stay hydrated

Exercise will help you burn extra calories from your unhealthy food indulgences. Light exercise maintains strength and gets you back on your diet track. It can also boost your metabolism and heart health. Water can help flush out all the causes of weight gain including water retention. It controls your appetite and keeps you stay full.

  • Proper food portioning

Always measure and weigh your food portion before cooking it. Food portioning is also one way to curb cravings. It keeps out from carbs, sugar and unhealthy food choices during VLCD. You can also space out your meal to avoid sudden hunger. Avoid late-night snacking because it is an unhealthy habit. It will slowly sabotage your weight loss stabilization. The foods you will be eating during late-night snacking triggers high blood pressure.

  • Do not skip meals

Skipping meals will just trigger hunger pains and makes you eat too much on your next meal. Instead of skipping meals, you can just space your food portions. This is a guilt-free technique in staying full for the entire day. It is better to prepare your foods at home to be safe from calories. Cooking and preparing at home will also keep you away from food ingredients that cause weight gain.

  • Eat the right food at the right time

The right foods are found in the HCG diet food list. These are chosen properly to help you lose weight and stabilize it. Eat the right foods such as fruits and vegetables. It has rich vitamins and minerals that aid in maintaining a healthy body. Time and place also matter most in proper eating. This is because you are not allowed to eat and eat all the time during your weight loss.