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Why does the HCG Diet Succeed than Other Weight Loss Program?


During the HCG diet, you have to do as what exactly is allowed on the protocol. Follow the diet protocol to avoid failing on your diet. As soon as you start the HCG diet you have to be familiar with the protocol to avoid weight gain in the long run. The diet protocol will guide you in reaching your weight loss goal without other consequences. Avoid modifying the original protocol without experts’ advice. It’s because it might cause issues with your weight loss.

The HCG diet has a proper protocol on how you would consume lean meat during the VLCD. The consumption of lean meat has something to do with your weight loss. That’s why you cannot mix any type of lean meat in one sitting. Avoid mixing meats such as chicken, beef, egg, or shrimp in one meal. The HCG diet protocol already provides a specific amount of meat you can have. Make sure you are sticking to one type of meat protein in each meal at the required portion size.

Why you can’t mix lean meats during the HCG diet?

When you mix lean meats you are disrupting the absorption of amino acids in your body. It can cause fatigue, nausea, and stomach pain. Lean meats have different amounts of protein. The amount of protein in every meat differs from one kind to the other. If you have them all together you might end up consuming too many calories.

Mixing meats can also cripple your digestive system. It’s because meats differ in the length of digestion. There are some meats that you can digest and there is also meat that takes longer digestion. If you mix meats in one meal you will end up bloating. You will also suffer from constipation or diarrhea.

How many grams of lean meat you can eat during the VLCD?

During the second phase of the HCG diet, you can have 200 grams of lean meat per day. Make sure that you weigh your meat choice before cooking. Take off the visible fats to avoid weight gain. Consuming lean meats improves fullness during low-calorie intake. It also contains valuable proteins for weight loss. 

Does mixing meats lead to overeating?

Yes. There is a possibility of gaining weight when you try to mix the meat in one sitting. One reason why is because of its improved and appealing taste. The appealing taste of foods can be a culprit to weight gain. It’s because it stimulates your appetite. Meat can be a good source of protein but it can affect your body when you mix them.

Does eating meats can cause weight gain?

Eating too much meat can deposit calories in your body which can cause weight gain. You can eat meats during the HCG diet but make sure that it is fat-free. You can have lean beef meat, shrimp, chicken breast, lobster, and crab meat. Fried meats to be specific are the culprits of weight gain.

Aside from fried meats, you cannot eat processed meats while doing the HCG diet. Avoid eating sausages, meatloaf, burger patties, meat nuggets, and meatballs. These meats already undergo processing and do not contain valuable nutrients in it.